Friday, March 22, 2013

My Friends Look at me Funny

So the other day my friends and I were at the library after school, cause that's what we do in our free time  and none of use had shoes on, duh the school librarian is awesome, and I noticed my friend had a hole in her sock. Naturally I told her to take off her sock. she asked me why, and I told her she had o hole in it and that I would darn for her. Than I proceeded to rummage through my bag to find my sewing kit only to look up to see all my friends looking at me funny. I was utterly confused.

Picture update I told the atom joke to my friends... they looked at me funny and said I was nerding out

I am almost finished with a lovely book called The Phantom Tollbooth. Its like fifty levels below my reading level but its nice to read something easy every once in a while. I suggest it to anyone!

Farewell peeps. (::)

Note to my mother: how is my grammar now?!?!?

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