Friday, March 22, 2013

My Friends Look at me Funny

So the other day my friends and I were at the library after school, cause that's what we do in our free time  and none of use had shoes on, duh the school librarian is awesome, and I noticed my friend had a hole in her sock. Naturally I told her to take off her sock. she asked me why, and I told her she had o hole in it and that I would darn for her. Than I proceeded to rummage through my bag to find my sewing kit only to look up to see all my friends looking at me funny. I was utterly confused.

Picture update I told the atom joke to my friends... they looked at me funny and said I was nerding out

I am almost finished with a lovely book called The Phantom Tollbooth. Its like fifty levels below my reading level but its nice to read something easy every once in a while. I suggest it to anyone!

Farewell peeps. (::)

Note to my mother: how is my grammar now?!?!?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The World of Nerds

May I first say that nerds will one day rule the world. Now I shall incert awesome pics

tee hee!
So any who this is what I do in my spare time... look at HP and PJO pics.... because I have no life. Sigh. Oh well(::)
So, on a completely unrelated subject, my English teacher is a baby. We were going over homework today and the stupid popular kids in the back were as usual talking nonstop. Seriously peeps what else could you possibly need to talk about on a Tuesday right after lunch. Any who my teacher was all "If you think your so smart then lets all just turn in the homework for a grade. This is the smartest class but you guys are just so immature"  yeah says the chick who gets mad when someone walks to close to her.
so yeah!
Just finished Mark of Athena and oh my gods Rick do you hate the fandom?!?!?!
Cookies to all thoughs who reply!!! remember

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coach Fred

so there's this really old substitute dude at my school. Coach Fred. he' an interesting character. when he subs for the gym coach he wears short shorts.... i'm scared for life. imagine Dumbledore make his shorter, less beard, less hair, southern accent, dumber, in short shorts.... and ta da coach Fred.
like this... with less spunk
Nerd out.... he remembers Annabeth do da do da. Why is Nico at Camp Jupiter  do the peeps at Camp Half-Blood know he's there??

just a little post today. my brother is annoying me for the computer. until next time

Monday, February 18, 2013

My cat is a total FREAK

My cat is Lily, named after Lily Evans. Lils is a black-as-night-step-on-her-when-you-get-up-to-pee-in-the-middle-of-the-night kind of cat. A few things drive her mad. Strawberries, she loves them.

Like this...sorta

Seriously if we say Lils you wanna smell the strawberries she jumps on the counter and gets all exited. She’s broken a bowl smelling them.

Also rubber mallets.
The story of how we found out is for another time.

We have a granite counter top so we use this cleaner that she loves.
Wow, i'm surprised I found that so easily.

Speak of the devil she just walked in. *pause* I let her sniff my foot and she sneezed.

Anywho... now I would like to thank my mom for that lovely comment about commas (not) and to Roland D. Yeomans who also commented  because I don't know how to reply thank you sooo much for reading my blog!! I will visit yours shortly.

Farewell for now. Cookies to all toughs who comment. Remember…

Thursday, February 14, 2013

what happens when you arm bored students with paper

So i was sitting in math yesterday(after all my work was done) looking a my teacher board. Just staring. Gods i am one interesting person right? anyhow i was sorta in my own bubble thinking about living at Hogwarts  being friends with Lily Potter (second gen,  of course), minding my own business was a ball of paper hit me in the face. that's right face. it startled me a great bit.

i turned to see my best friend averting her eyes and trying real hard not to giggle. so naturaly i took the paper and threw it back at her. (p.s. my math teacher doesn't care what we do as long as we've finnished are work and we dont blow anything up*cough cough* Blake)

So we were all

and then we started a paper war
That's not us my math teachers a girl :)
that's when mrs. O decided to care what we were doing. so she was all "you"ve not aloud to have a paper fight." so this kid picked up a piece of paper and decided it was smart to through it at my math teacher. 

Needless to say they got detention.

Bye!!! and remember

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whats wrong with people?

k so i shall taketh this opritunity to make fun of my friends.

I was hanging  out with my brother when his phone went off. you know than  Chernobyl- horn sounding thing... yeah that and he goes,"hey dads calling me" i said really that's what you chose and his response was "I couldn't find Beethoven's fifth"

I walked into problem Solving (a gifted pullout class that's awesome) and sat down when by best friend came in she takceled me. thats right i was just sitting there reading the 4th PJO book(oh my gods she kissed him) and she tackled me. so thanks lily for making me lose my place in my book.

That's not her that's Lily Evans (duh)

my friend asked me if i had a facebook and said "Hades no, that is the biggest waste of time i'd rather be reading. you?"

Anywho bye!! remember

-Zoe Snow
       -Team Lupin

Monday, February 11, 2013

I think my science teacher is a fury

    Hello again, so as i'm typing this i'm eating a peach so if i spell something wrong sorry. Ima go all Percy Jackson on you all for a moment (she says to the audience she wishes she had). If you've read the PJO series you'll follow me if not stop reading this and go to the library nearest you. * finishes peach and throws away the pit* So Mrs  Dodds (the fury) is...mean... yeah lets go with mean. Mrs. S. is Mrs. Dodds times three.
What pleasant woman.
Mrs. S is that teacher no one wants
Tee Hee

Quote from Mrs. S: 'oh well, win some lose most right' *class: um thanks? that's encouraging*

Until next time remember