Monday, February 11, 2013

I think my science teacher is a fury

    Hello again, so as i'm typing this i'm eating a peach so if i spell something wrong sorry. Ima go all Percy Jackson on you all for a moment (she says to the audience she wishes she had). If you've read the PJO series you'll follow me if not stop reading this and go to the library nearest you. * finishes peach and throws away the pit* So Mrs  Dodds (the fury) is...mean... yeah lets go with mean. Mrs. S. is Mrs. Dodds times three.
What pleasant woman.
Mrs. S is that teacher no one wants
Tee Hee

Quote from Mrs. S: 'oh well, win some lose most right' *class: um thanks? that's encouraging*

Until next time remember 


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  1. Maybe she's tough, but in life you usually learn the most from people who challenge you. Whatever. She's probably just mean...ha!