Thursday, February 14, 2013

what happens when you arm bored students with paper

So i was sitting in math yesterday(after all my work was done) looking a my teacher board. Just staring. Gods i am one interesting person right? anyhow i was sorta in my own bubble thinking about living at Hogwarts  being friends with Lily Potter (second gen,  of course), minding my own business was a ball of paper hit me in the face. that's right face. it startled me a great bit.

i turned to see my best friend averting her eyes and trying real hard not to giggle. so naturaly i took the paper and threw it back at her. (p.s. my math teacher doesn't care what we do as long as we've finnished are work and we dont blow anything up*cough cough* Blake)

So we were all

and then we started a paper war
That's not us my math teachers a girl :)
that's when mrs. O decided to care what we were doing. so she was all "you"ve not aloud to have a paper fight." so this kid picked up a piece of paper and decided it was smart to through it at my math teacher. 

Needless to say they got detention.

Bye!!! and remember


  1. As your mother, I feel it's my place to introduce you to future friends that may have a positive influence on your life. In that spirit, let me introduce you to Comma.

    Comma, this is my daughter, Zoe. She had no idea you actually existed, until today.

    Zoe, this is Comma. She's a powerful little thing. I hope you two begin a long and prosperous relationship. Really, I do.

    Love you lots! (You too, Zoe. *giggle*)
    ((hugs)) Mama

  2. Zoe, your heart was in the right place -- even if Comma was not! :-)

    I've often thought how much fun it would be to have Luna Lovegood as a friend. I saw your blog mentioned on your mother's page on Google+.

    Your school sounds like fun. Much more safe than St. Marrok's (that's the high school I write of in END OF DAYS/it's run by evil Sidhe and all sorts of supernatural types study there.)

    This blog is bright and cheery and full of fun.

    If you are feeling brave, you might visit my blog. :-) (WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS)