Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hellos and Harry Potter

Hello blogaverse!!! This blog's purpose is so I can talk about books, people, and Harry potter. 
I begin with Harry Potter. 

I started reading harry potter in 2nd grade, so i grew up with Harry Potter. Just sayin' if you google image harry potter you get like three on the first page that he looks happy in, otherwise hes all i'm-Harry-Potter-whopty-freaking-do. Anywho ima Hufflepuff so yay!!!! Luna Lovegood is my favorite good guy and Bellatrix Lastrange is my favorite bad guy. They're on completely different sides of the spectrum but oh well. I love the part when Mollys all "not my daughter you *****" i don't curse:), and the part when Lunas all "don't worry your just as sane as I am" 'cause her favorite saying is an onion a day keep the wackspurts away!

k so until next time keep calm and don't call me Nymphadora.

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