Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whats wrong with people?

k so i shall taketh this opritunity to make fun of my friends.

I was hanging  out with my brother when his phone went off. you know than  Chernobyl- horn sounding thing... yeah that and he goes,"hey dads calling me" i said really that's what you chose and his response was "I couldn't find Beethoven's fifth"

I walked into problem Solving (a gifted pullout class that's awesome) and sat down when by best friend came in she takceled me. thats right i was just sitting there reading the 4th PJO book(oh my gods she kissed him) and she tackled me. so thanks lily for making me lose my place in my book.

That's not her that's Lily Evans (duh)

my friend asked me if i had a facebook and said "Hades no, that is the biggest waste of time i'd rather be reading. you?"

Anywho bye!! remember

-Zoe Snow
       -Team Lupin

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  1. Oh my God, you're too cute for words and in bad need of a punctuation primer. Seriously, girl. Sentences need punctuation. All of them. Ha!